Apps World with Battle Group 2

As some may know, recently I’ve been designing Battle Group 2. Bane games is happy to announce that over the past few months we’ve reached pre-alpha and have been gathering feedback on an early version of the game. We don’t want to fix something that’s not broken, as the original Battle Group did well on mobile but we’ll certainly be cranking up the action! I tend to describe Battle Group as “Missile Command on steroids, with ‘satellite strike’ abilities like dropping nukes and different battleship resources, it’s destruction on the go”. We’ll be on all the mobile platforms soon with a PC/Mac release shortly after that. It was a pleasure running the booth at Apps World 2014 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and talking to fans of the original game.

We had a blast at the booth and I recommend other indies sign up for the next (mid-year) Apps World indie game section. While most attendees are within the tech industry, and thus not necessarily eager fans like you may find at PAX, there were plenty of eyes and players to offer feedback.


Holding down the booth for Battle Group 2!

As we launch into Pre-Alpha, our always badass artist Jesse Bull has done a mid-review on the art improvements for the sequel you should check out here. He covers everything from refreshed icons to the evolution of his style for the game:


One shot of many from Jesse Bull’s art blog here about the art evolution of Battle Group 2.

We’re also excited to launch the Battle Group 2 website, it’s blog and it’s pre-alpha state, over at With it, comes a little teaser to celebrate the milestone of pre-alpha:


Want to hear more? You can also catch my speech about small teams handling F2P and it’s panel conversations over on it’s event page here. Always feel free to reach out over twitter!

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