Reading Recommendation: Masters of Doom

It was the first standard, the experience that started it all. To this day, the video game industry is accused of re-making products in search for that original thrill. The book Masters of Doom by David Hushner is an adeptly recreated look into the lives of John Romoero and John Carmack as they grew their entertainment landmarks of id software and beyond.

Over six years and hundreds of interviews, Hushner has created an easily digestible firsthand peak into the creation of the video game history. His writing is harrowing in covering the relationships and legendary people entangled in them. Dropping the game media sensationalism, Hushner teases you on every page with perspectives stitched together throughout the gruesome tale of 11-year-olds making basement games to the fall of millionaire corporate empires.

While the occasional meticulous detail seems too exact to have been recounted, anyone allows the bend in minor truths for such veteran story telling. This book is a motivator as well as a series of encouragements and realities for anyone building games or a business. But be warned, it perpetuates the equation of “elbow grease = success” for better or worse.

Master of Doom is a quick read, digestible during a long flight, and available on kindle for around 18 dollars.


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