Currencies in game economy loops

*featured on Gamasutra here Wouldn’t it be helpful to bring more knowledge from simple visualizations into your game? After you’ve finished celebrating your game’s fun core loop, you’re probably examining adding upgrades, buffs and other unlocks in the game economy. Your game doesn’t need to involve stocks or inflation to have a game economy. Game […]

Interview on The Game Lawyer

There’s a trend where game developers create indie studio’s but don’t want to feel alone. The glamor of working from home wears off sooner than some might think. That’s one of the reasons we created Gamenest. In the heart of San Francisco, we founded a co-working pace for indies to get feedback, share ideas, discuss markets, and have […]

TapStream Interview: “Dylan Jones on the Paid App Ecosystem”

I had the pleasure of talking to TapStream about the F2P and premium ecosystem, we discussed the issues that surround developers in todays market. The second half focus on premium products on mobile like with our experiences in Battle Group 2. “Dylan points out always a certain number of developers interested in focusing on their expertise- building great […]

Apps World with Battle Group 2

As some may know, recently I’ve been designing Battle Group 2. Bane games is happy to announce that over the past few months we’ve reached pre-alpha and have been gathering feedback on an early version of the game. We don’t want to fix something that’s not broken, as the original Battle Group did well on mobile […]